Katie Hubbard is a refreshing new Author whose creativity and whimsical mind takes her books and stories to a realistic place. Her imagination makes the ebb and flow of her writing style intriguing, attractive and captivating. 

Katie began her career by writing capricious and playful stories for children, creating and publishing three original children’s books. She has a line of new children’s books on the way that will add to any child’s creative library. 

Katie’s imagination takes us on a journey from her realistic inspirations to transforming our reading into a suspenseful and dramatic visual cinema right in the palm of our hands.

Adult Fiction

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ON SALE JULY 1, 2017

Available in Hardback & E-book


Darkness Couldn't Hold Her

Available in Hardback, Paperback, and E-Book! 


Darkness Couldn't Hold Her
By Katie Hubbard

Children's Books