Katie Hubbard is a refreshing new Author whose creativity and whimsical mind takes her books and stories to a realistic place. Her imagination makes the ebb and flow of her writing style intriguing, attractive and captivating. 

Katie began her career by writing capricious and playful stories for children, creating and publishing three original children’s books. She has a line of new children’s books on the way that will add to any child’s creative library. 

Katie’s imagination takes us on a journey from her realistic inspirations to transforming our reading into a suspenseful and dramatic visual cinema right in the palm of our hands.

Adult Fiction

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Oct 1, 2018

Katie Hubbard’s - New Release


A Lovely Lie

(Book 1 of Series)

Driven by a fierce determination to be “protectors,” two life-long best friends, Carrie and Gina, willfully enter into a secret agreement. They didn’t realize that it would be a pact that would forever control not only their lives but also the future of Carrie’s only grandchild, Vivi.

When a hateful act of senseless brutality redirects everything for Carrie, she is left to wrestle with the torment of taking revenge in her own hands, or fighting fairly. Carrie and Gina's pursuit of justice becomes murky when each new day unfolds lies and deceit. Their judgment and sense of clarity become clouded by their fatigue and anguish.

Her extraordinary, gut-wrenching actions redefine and challenge long-held definitions of love as she makes an unspeakable sacrifice for Vivi.

A Lovely Lie
By Katie Hubbard

A Roundabout Way To Heaven

( Book 1 of the series )

“Daughters, by the time you read this, I’ll be long gone on the train to Atlantic City…”

The great financial crash of 1929 created unprecedented pandemonium; men abandoned their families, emotional breakdowns put a strain on sanitarium beds and suicides increased.

Without their parents and with scant resources, four beautiful teenage sisters rode out the tumultuous 1930s in the small southern town of Apple Springs.

Stella – fierce, protective and opinionated, assumed the role of caretaker. Dixie - contemplative, analytical and strategic, became the family’s problem solver. Pearlene – hopeful, impulsive and zany, created desperately needed laughter. And Tallulah, the youngest, innocent and vulnerable until a wealthy benefactor silently torments her with a pernicious secret that greatly aids her sisters.

The town’s clandestine society of jealous gossipmongers is determined to root out all forms of debauchery in their beloved town. They make the gorgeous Fanning sisters their #1 target. However, throughout the course of their self-appointed investigation, they are stunned to discover scandalous promiscuity in their own church.

But the heinous controversy that has yet to be uncovered has the power to shatter and obliterate the lives of many unsuspecting townspeople.


Darkness Couldn’t Hold Her

( Book 1 of the series )

A series of cataclysmic events rocked young Bethany’s world, sending her out onto the dangerous streets late one night in search of an escape from her turbulent home life. Her plan was to be gone just long enough to worry and punish her mother for her hateful, heartless words and her failure to protect her from her seedy boyfriend.

She never considered the possibility of being prevented from returning home, nor could she have foreseen the perils of street life. As her world grew darker and events spiraled out of control, Bethany fought to keep her sense of identity and dignity alive.

Bethany had traded hell at home for hell on the streets and ultimately, hell in a trafficking ring. Though her body was easily overpowered, Bethany’s relentless determination to save herself and the other girls empowered her until …

Darkness Couldn't Hold Her
By Katie Hubbard

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