Writer's Notes

Stone Cold Stunners & Other Wrestling Moves That Prepared Me For Life

I grew up in Oklahoma City, land of WWF matches, drag racing strips, roller rinks and Sooner football.  At a young age, the wrestlers that came to town fascinated my brother and I.   Andre the Giant was his favorite and I had a crush on Gorgeous George.  We frequently argued over who would win if they were ever scheduled in a match.  I mean there was no comparison – Andre the Giant was a hulk at 7’4” and Gorgeous George was only 5’9”.  But to say George was confident would be an understatement. No one could match his flamboyant style as he entered the arena to the melodic notes of Pomp and Circumstance, donning his sequined robe as his ring valet tossed rose petals at his feet.  His showmanship was legendary and later both Muhammad Ali and James Brown would cite GG as the inspiration for their own self-promotion.  Anyway, no one could convince us that the wrestling wasn’t real and I actually cried watching a match on WKY TV when a ceiling tile fell on GG’s head, cutting it open and spilling blood into his golden curls.

Life Lesson #1 – You don’t have to be the biggest or baddest to win.

Life Lesson #2 – Stone cold stunners and other heavy blows may knock you down but you can choose to get up and keep fighting.

Life Lesson #3 – Be creative and enjoy your individuality. 

Fantasy is a fickle mistress.  If you don’t believe, then it is nonsense to you.  But if you believe, you will open you heart to unexpected life lessons and a world of imagination.

Don't Hate The Player - Hate the GAME--- WHAT???

Okay so I’m sitting with my daughter in a lounge and overhear the best man proudly and loudly make this toast to the other 8 including the groom, “To our wives and our mistresses – may they NEVER meet!”  Laughter and the clanking of shot glass ensue. 

Hmmm…my first thought was to judge him for his actions and forget his intentions, assuming they were noble in some small way.  But you see I firmly believe (after spending another whiskey-soaked hour observing their boisterous camaraderie) that these misbehaving boys just wanted to be seen as players – even if just for one evening.

What is that about?  Who are they kidding?  A quick eye survey around their table depicts beer bellies, shriveling, neglected muscles and struggling hairlines.  What happened to all the vim and vigor of the ‘glory days’ long gone?  They spoke of first wives, hot girlfriends and evaluated every female that walked by.  They sneered at a table of mature women as if begging them to confront their bad boy behavior.  Bullies are bolder in groups and rational people tend to not want to become their targets.

Proud, that’s what they were.  Proud of who they thought we thought they were. And obviously thinking that’s what women want.  So why do women tolerate this behavior as acceptable? Do they hope and pray that it will disappear someday or at least not get worse?


Wake up girls!  This is a character weakness or as my husbands says - a flaw.  And it’s not pretty.  Ladies, you are worth more than that – much more!  And guys – we don’t think you are who you think we think you are – so don’t blame it on the game.