If I Could Change My Name

You might as well learn now that I’m a little quirky and I love to have fun.  It seems my family does too because they get a kick out of creating weird nicknames for me.

My kids call me Lamb Chop…Mony…Ramon…and Maurice.

My Husband calls me Marv…Curly Sue…Sparky McVee…Kid…Claude and the most romantic of all…Little Buddy!

People outside of my family have gotten in on the game too.  I’m called Momma Hubbard (even by those older than me and I’m not that old folks)!

Honestly I’ve never loved my name…Ramona Kaye.  Well actually, I loved the name “Ramona” once my grandmother told me the story of a beautiful Native American Indian Princess named Ramona.

You see all of my life I thought my grandfather was part American Indian – thus making me part Indian as well.  In the summers, my grandmother took us to visit tribes around Oklahoma.  I’m not sure what her intentions were exactly but my natural assumption was so that I could get in touch with my roots.

And to further drive that message home, they took me to the top of 7 Falls in Colorado Springs so I could see the grave of the famous Indian princess, Ramona.  I even had my picture taken along side it!

So naturally all of my life I’ve continued this story to my kids and basically anyone who would listen…until years later when quite unexpectedly my bubble was completely burst.  I discovered that I am 0% Native American Indian and in fact, 48% Irish!  Thanks a lot Ancestry.com!

Well that explains the fly-away curls and my love of Lucky Charms (especially those devilishly good marshmallows)!

So after a bit of a struggle with a mild identity crisis, I gave up on the notion.  If you really want to make me smile, call me Gidget, Buffy or Sandy (from a few of my favorite 1960’s beach movies) or just about anything and I’ll most likely answer. 

Because after all, it’s not so much what people call you, as it is the affection that comes behind it …even if that means your nicknames include Little Buddy!  Ha!