Amarillo's Loss

Funny how you meet the most interesting people when you are doing the most ordinary, mundane things.  

My husband recently went to get his hair cut at the same old barber on an ordinary day, doing a routine thing he’s done for over 45 years (at least by himself).  His usual barber wasn’t available so he was seated in the chair of a young man he’d never met.  

My husband quickly learned that his name was Zack.  He was barely in his twenties, had a few tattoos on one forearm and a mop of dark hair.  He was a country boy – from Amarillo to be exact.  Zack had been in town for a little over a month.  He didn’t know a soul when he moved here.  He lived in his car the first week when he hit town while he looked for employment.  He said he was fortunate to get hired quickly and went to work at the barbershop right away.

What impressed us about Zack was that he voluntarily removed himself from familiar surroundings and family and friends.  And he did it sacrificially with no help from anyone.  When my husband asked him why, his response was this:  
“When you’re put in uncomfortable situations it makes you stronger.”

Zack has a 16-year plan…not a five-year or a 10-year.  Sixteen-year!  Not sure why he chose that number and my husband only had time to find out a little about his plan.  What he did discover was that this young man valued uncomfortable growth, and action steps that defied the average person’s logic and reasoning.  What he didn’t care about was other people’s opinions or limitations.

I’ve thought a lot about Zack and wondered…am I carefree, strategic and unafraid to follow my life’s visions?  I want to be.  Everyday I want to be more comfortable being uncomfortable.  Because in Zack’s words…"then I will be stronger.”