Sometimes You Just Gotta Put Your Head in the Sand

Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Snapchat. Pinterest. Youtube.  Vine. Periscope. Wechat – you chat…everybody chat! Whaaaaat!

And we wonder why discontent and anxiety are on the rise.  FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real, people.  Researchers have coined a new term for those of us who fail to quit or at least decrease time spent on it– it’s called social media reversion.

This bit of news caused me to reflect.  My husband and I started a tradition called Pappa and YaYa’s summer camp.  Recently we took our oldest grandson (and our 3 daughters because …well because they refused to be left behind even though it was grandparent camp ha!) to San Diego.  Four fun-soaked days of Legoland, the San Diego Zoo, beaches, snow cones, swimming and minimal “rules” left us all “happy tired”.  We finished the camp with our usual commemorative sign with date written in the sand.  Ah success and another one in the books.

Then last weekend, we joined the family at a local watering hole downstream from the Brazos River - because what else do you do when its 100 degrees and high humidity in Texas! We were in an area called Big Rocks Park where the rocks are really big!  And they hide under the water so that you stub your toe, rack your knees and struggle to look cool.  Add to that, a generous layering of super slippery moss and you’ve got yourself a slimy recipe for disaster.  The afternoon was spent entertained with people watching (taking bets on who would fall), laughing as the grandsons slid belly first down baby waterfalls and creating memories we will never forget.

I’m pretty sure our oldest grandson was just as happy exploring, slipping and sliding there as he was on the elaborate grandparent camp trip to California.  And for sure our youngest grandson needed no help entertaining himself with the infinite grains of sand and numerous minnows nipping at our toes. 

So the lesson my grandchildren taught me:  be in the moment, be content and put down the social media.  Tune the world out!  Sometimes you just gotta put your head in the sand!