Katie Hubbard creates audacious enthusiasm!

Sometimes startling, sometimes irreverent, her realistic fiction centers on emotive, ordinary people thrown into chaotic circumstances. 

Her unorthodox and dynamic stories will captivate you by the bold ways she tackles heavy social issues.  The surprising reactions of her riveting characters will hold you hostage long after you lay her books down.

Katie promises to keep it real and keep it relevant.

Call her bold, call her fascinating, but always call her audaciously enthusiastic about storytelling! 

“Keep your heart unwrinkled,” my wise grandmother used to say. 

Life isn’t fair. Life is R-rated.  Bad things happen to good people and sometimes the bad guys don’t get caught.  

I ‘m not a fatalist or a defeatist.  Difficult experiences in my own life have made me a realist but I persevere with a generous helping of hope. 

I write realistic fiction about everyday people who find themselves thrown into extraordinary circumstances.  My stories tackle heavy social issues and the enigma of people’s reactions.  It’s a study of human nature and the power of choice.

Because no matter what happens, if you search hard enough, there is always a way to “keep your heart unwrinkled.”

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!